I can help you if you want to do the following:

  • Increase your motivation
  • Increase your feelings of self-worth
  • Connect with like-minded people 

I can also help you If you are part of a specific group such as older adults (55+), suffer chronic disease or are looking to rehabilitate after an accident or injury.

You can choose to work in a group, or you can have individual sessions. 

Costings are as follows: 

One-on-one coaching - in person, via Skype or phone
-- $75/hr --
  • Changing lifestyle habits
  • How to be strong, active and mobile
  • How to make change when change is hard

One-on-one training sessions (Pilates or Personal Training)
-- $65/hr --
  • Post-injury or operation rehabilitation
  • Fitness, cardio or strength training

Combination packages
-- $130/session --
  • Pilates & Coaching
  • Pilates & Guided Meditation
  • Personal Training & Coaching

Group sessions 
  • Group Training sessions (Strength, Cardio, Balance or Pilates) 
    -- $12-$20/hr --

  • Group training & coaching changing lifestyle habits 
    1.5hrs/week, + email/phone support, continuous workout updates
    -- $50/week  --

If you have any questions, call me on 0481 585 070 or email