Here is some more useful information for you. There are some free resources and tests, if you are curious about how to get started changing lifestyle habits. 

  • Your strengths
    Ever wondered what you are really good at? We tend to undersell ourselves. Take this test and revel in all the good that is hidden inside you. You have to give your email, but you get the results immediately.

  • Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn
    This is a long video, but it's a very interesting talk on mindfulness and contains a short meditation session.

Below are links to other health and wellness related resources in and around Southern Tasmania that you can go and check out.

  • Colon Therapy - Cynthia Ashlin
    Cynthia is a qualified Colon Therapy practitioner and works in Hobart.  A colonic irrigation is the infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum to cleanse and flush out the colon. Some of the reasons people like colonics are:
    -- To remove accumulated waste from the colon
    -- To help prevent constipation
    -- To improve overall health
    Contact Cynthia on 0429 182 250, or email .

  • Cygnet Physio - Alison Viner
    Alison is a fantastic Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. If you have any physical problems you would like to have checked out with a physio, call Alision.
    Call Alison on  417 438 262 or email

  • Elevate Men - Aaron Schultz, Health & Wellness Coach
    Aaron specialises in wellness coaching for men - he  understands what men go through and what it takes to change. It takes real guts to face up to yourself in order to move ahead. If you want to talk to Aaron, find him on , email , or call him on 0400 573 867.

  • Huon Valley Producers Network
    The Huon Producers’ Network is a vibrant and diverse group of small to medium sized producers who work cooperatively to establish a local food bowl and resilient economy. Check it out to find out where and when  the local markets are to get your fill of locally produced food and goodies. 

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